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The Baby Tula Explore Carrier is an ergonomic, adjustable baby carrier designed to grow with your baby from infancy to toddlerhood.

Product features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable width
  • Padded neck support pillow that can be worn in three positions
  • Supportive shoulder padding for optimal comfort
  • Extra padding around leg opening for baby's comfort
  • Large frotn pocket on the contouring waist belt
  • Can be used for front facing-in, front facing-out, and back carrying
  • Provides an ergonomic M-position seat for baby's development
  • Constructed from soft cotton fabric
  • Comes with removable and adjustable hood.

The full instruction manual for the Tula Explore can be viewed here.


When someone refers to a Tula, they are most likely referring to soft structured ergonomic canvas carriers, or buckle carriers. Tula Baby Carriers are made from 100% cotton canvas and quality fabrics and come in a wide range of prints and colors. The Tula Baby Carrier is available in two sizes, Standard (Baby) and Toddler and can be used from birth with the use of the revolutionary Tula Infant Insert (with our standard baby carrier). Tula's baby carriers are one of the top carriers on the market and one of the safest carriers. The Standard Tula Baby Carrier can be used for babies from 3.2kg - 20kg and the Toddler Carrier can be used from 11kg - 27kg. Every Tula Baby Carrier or Toddler Carrier can be used in front and back carry and provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby's body. The Standard baby carrier and Toddler carrier include a removable hood to support baby's head while asleep, protect from sun or wind, and allow for comfortable breastfeeding. They also include a front pocket for storing on-the-go necessities.


The new Free-To-Grow Tula carriers is Tula's first ever carrier that grows with your baby from infancy through toddlerhood (3.2kg - 20kg). Designed with innovative adjustable settings for width and height, the Free-to-Grow Carrier ensures proper, ergonomic positioning throughout the different stages of babies’ development.

You can view a range of videos introducing the carriers, herehere, and here.

Some features:

  • Supportive shoulder padding for optimal comfort.
  • Adjustable straps provide the perfect fit.
  • Large front pocket for additional storage.
  • Extra padding around leg opening for baby's comfort.
  • Wide padded waist belt for additional support.
  • Ergonomic seat for proper positioning


Tula Coast is designed to bring a cool ocean breeze to your day! This line of Tula Baby Carriers offers a reinterpretation of our original framed panel design using breathable mesh material which creates a ventilated carrier perfectly suited for active lifestyles and warm weather locales. The Tula Coast Carriers can be found in both Standard and Toddler carrier sizes and provide all of the same features as them too. For more information, read Tula's blog post.



The Tula Infant Insert makes it possible to carry your small infant or newborn in your Standard Carrier, and is required for use with a baby between 3.2kg - 7kg. The Infant Insert enables the cozy carrying position, ensuring adequate head/neck support and healthy maturation of the spine in a front carry. The Infant Insert includes an integrated harness which secures your baby to the insert.
The Infant Insert is recommended to securely and comfortably use Tula's Standard Carrier with small infants, up to until your baby can sit independently with knees dangling down freely in an ergonomic spread squat position and is a minimum of 7kg. When carrying a small infant or newborn, we do not recommend any other carrier modification or product for the Standard Tula. The Infant Insert is not intended to be used in a back carry or to be used with the Toddler Tula. Please visit Tula's Infant Insert instructions page to learn how to safely use the insert.