Safety Tips

As with any type of baby carrier, sling or wrap, always inspect for damage before using and follow all included instructions. Never perform any task that could be dangerous with your child in the carrier, sling or wrap. Use common sense! Always double check that the buckles are connected properly. Never unbuckle the waist belt while the baby is in the carrier. By purchasing any product from our website, you acknowledge that the Manufacturer or Distributor or Seller accepts no responsibility for injury/damage due to the use/misuse of this product. Your child's safety is your responsibility. Be sure you have help getting your baby into and out of the carrier, sling or wrap until you become comfortable with it. If you are starting out with babywearing, seek assistance from a professional.

Please observe the following while wearing your baby:
Please support your baby with a hand or two while you and your baby are getting used to the carrier, sling or wrap. You and your baby will become more comfortable in time and you'll be able to free one or both of your hands. Please, DON'T GIVE UP! Babywearing takes practice just like all other parenting tasks. You can make the process easier by making sure that baby is fed, rested and happy before you try the carrier the first few times. Also, be sure to pull the top rim of fabric up to cover the entire back of your baby to avoid a "backdive." Never wear your baby when cycling or riding in the car. While cooking at the stove, use only back carry position and excercise extreme caution as babies and small children can reach and touch/pull. A sling doesn't substitute for a car seat. When bending, please bend at the knees, not at the waist, and hold the baby with one hand while reaching with the other. Never drink HOT beverages when wearing baby, although your sling will come handy for eating, especially in restaurants.

Here is a video from Queensland Government, Office of Fair Trading on Baby Slings.