1. What are the shipping costs?

Free shipping!! Doesn't cost you anything :-) Also, local pick up is available for Brisbane/Logan-ites who can't wait to get their hands on their goodies! 

2. Which type of carrier is right for me?

Feeling confused? New to baby wearing? Saw someone wearing a great baby carrier and want one just like it? Here are the basic types of carriers and the brands we recommend at Wear Your Baby.

Soft Structured Carriers: Lillebaby, TulaEasy Feel, Soul

Soft structured carriers are Wear Your Baby’s favourite - they secure with buckles or clips.

Ages: newborn up to 4-5 years old

Recommended positions: Upright facing in, upright facing out (Lillebaby Airflow, Original, Embossed & All Seasons), back carry (older infants with head control, and toddlers)

Get a soft structured carrier if you want a carrier that:

  • is easy to learn how to use
  • doesn’t require any knot tying
  • is ‘cool’ for dad to wear!
  • is quick and comfortable
  • is an easy option for a beginning babywearer
  • evenly distributes the weight of baby for the comfort of the babywearer
  • can be used for more than one child
  • can be adjusted quickly for multiple babywearers
  • secure enough for longer hikes
  • is comfortable to allow you to carry baby for longer naps
  • can be used from birth through to toddlerhood

Wraps: Lillebaby Tie-the-Knot Wrap

A wrap is a length of fabric that is tied around the baby and the caregiver. Wraps offer the most versatility of all carriers and also have the highest learning curve. Wraps can be stretchy or woven. Lillebaby Tie-the-Knot's thoughtful design allows you to easily secure excess fabric on each end of the wrap, keeping the ends off the ground and simplifying the wrapping process.

Ages: newborn through to toddler

Recommended positions: front snuggle

Get a wrap if you would love:

  • an incredibly versatile carrier and aren't afraid to spend a bit of time learning how to use it
  • the idea of connecting with our babywearing ancestors.
  • a lightweight and compact carrier
  • the idea of true hands-free breastfeeding
  • you have any back or shoulder problems you need to care for

Mei Tai / Meh Dai: Soul Tai

Ages: 4 months-ish (7kg) through to toddler

Recommended positions: front snuggle, hip carry and and back carry (for older babies)

Get a Soul Tai if you would love:

The feel of a structured carrier without buckles. They are a good middle ground for those who like the idea of wrapping but want the ease of a bit more structure. Soul Tai carriers have generous waist straps, and hybrid padded shoulder straps that open out into full wrap width so that you get the even weight distribution of a wrap shoulder with the comfort of a padded shoulder. The weave allows the tiniest bit of stretch, making them beautifully moldable to your body as well as your baby’s.

3. Why wear your baby?

Babywearing is where a baby is held close to the parent in a carrier (sling, wrap, structured or other). Babywearing is not a new concept with many traditional cultures understanding the value of having our children close.

Top 16 Reasons to Wear Your Baby

1.    Essential for the fussy afternoon period

Close contact maintained through baby wearing helps an infant feel safe and loved. Babies are reassured by their parent’s presence and crying is dramatically reduced.

2.    Assists bonding

Wearing your baby in a carrier creates many opportunities to build close bonds with your child.

3.    Babywearing is convenient

Babywearing gives you the freedom to carry on with the necessary tasks of daily life.

4.    Prevent postnatal depression

Babywearing is proven to dramatically reduce the occurrence and duration of postnatal depression.

5.    Promote cognitive development

Babies who are carried learn more from observation and listening, stimulating brain development.

6.    Discreet and easy breastfeeding

Babywearing allows ease of access for breastfeeding without having to sit down. 

7.    You are hands-free

Life doesn’t have to stop because baby needs a cuddle (this is especially meaningful when you have more than one child).

8.    Promotes sleeping

Baby can sleep anywhere or on anyone in the right carrier.

9.    Provides correct anatomical position

Baby wearing (in a Wear Your Baby recommended carrier) provides correct anatomical positioning for baby’s precious hips and spine.

10.   Great for colicky reflux babies

Upright is a perfect position to keep nasty stomach acid down where it should be.

11.   Babywearing is a great way for dads to bond with baby.

New fathers often feel less confident than new mothers around a baby, and may feel excluded in the close relationship that develops between the mother and baby. If a baby is breastfed, fathers may be uncertain about what activities they can engage in with the new baby. Babywearing is a great way for dads and babies to bond. They can have beautiful cuddles, and dads can get jobs done around the house while looking after the baby, giving Mum a break at the same time.

12.   Babywearing is essential whilst travelling

You might be allowed to take your pram to the departure gate, but it's usually not allowed on the plane. Using a carrier means your hands are free to carry your hand luggage onto the plane – particularly valuable when travelling with little ones by yourself.

13.   Babywearing enables hands free for shopping

Next time you are at the shopping centre count how many parents are pushing an empty pram and carrying a baby or toddler in their bare arms. A baby carrier should be an essential item in the carry basket of every pram or handbag. Baby carriers are portable and lightweight and much easier to take out of the car.

14.   Babywearing is perfect for toddlers

All toddlers go through a pick-up, put-down stage and having a baby carrier attached and tucked into your clothing will enable you to continue your daily routine without having to deny your toddler a cuddle.

15.   Babywearing does not stop when walking starts

If your toddler is already walking, taking an empty pram on outings can be an inconvenience. Baby carriers are light to carry and an easy option for popping in a handbag to take with you in case your toddler decides they are too tired to walk home or back to the car.

16.   Babywearing is fun!

Who doesn’t love having a semi-permanent cuddle?