Essential Oils (and WYB?)

Essential Oils and Babywearing? 

Here's a quick run down of why I'm 'oily'!

You may be wondering how these two go hand in hand. Well, for some, babywearing can be seen as a little alternative, but for my family it is an everyday choice to make life easier and get things done in a way that benefits everyone. It’s the same with essential oils – since my family started to support our health and wellbeing with essential oils, we have seen a HUGE difference – not only have we gotten sick much less frequently, but when we do it’s not so bad and I can use specific oils to lessen the severity and duration of the sickness. As a Mum of two young boys (one in Kindy and one still wanting to put everything in his mouth) this has been totally amazing!

Also – as Mum to these two little ones, my sanity takes a hit at times. Being able to support myself emotionally has been the only thing that has kept it all together on some days. Diffusing a certain blend, using oils topically and sometimes even just opening a bottle and sniffing – this calms the crazy, that’s for sure. 

Essential oils work in with the way that our family chooses to live – we prefer natural products wherever possible, and oils make this so easy. When our son is sick in the night our oils are the first things we reach for, and they WORK. When afternoon tantrums are getting the best of us, a little ‘smelling session’ with my 4 year old helps him to take control of which oils he is drawn to and we diffuse and use them topically – every single time it brings us back to earth. 

If you are curious about how essential oils can work for you and your family, but are a little overwhelmed at all the information that there is to get a grasp on, please contact me. I’d love to help you as you begin your journey!

There are a couple of ways you can become involved in trying essentials oils out for yourself:

  • You can purchase them here (
  • If you think you’re convinced, the cheapest possible way to access these oils is with a Wholesale Account (like I have). You can sign up with a $35 fee and access all products for 25% off the retail price. There are different options for starter kits you can get started with (which waive the $35 fee) or simply choose the products you are interested in and build your own collection at your pace. There are lots of different options to suit everyone’s budget and what makes it even better is that there is an amazing loyalty rewards program where you can earn rewards points on every order to redeem for free product. I. LOVE. THAT. There is no commitment to ongoing purchases, you can simply use the membership however you would like. Follow the details below and make the change for your family today!

Here are the instructions for signing up, but if you’d like some help just pop me an email and I can do it for you!

  1. Click Join and Save.
  2. Choose your Country/Language.
  3. Click 'Local'.
  4. Choose Wholesale – NOT Preferred Member.
  5. Enter your personal information.
  6. At *Enroller ID*, enter my number: 4710278.
  7. Then click verify (it should then show you my name –Carly Landreth).
  8. Set a password.
  9. Click to next page.
  10. Select kit.
  11. OR you will have to choose the Enrolment/Welcome pack first if you aren't purchasing a kit, then continue to select individual oils.
  12. Click View Totals.
  13. Enter your Credit Card details and process. 

You have the opportunity to use these oils and products to support a healthy lifestyle for your family – it doesn’t get better than that!