It takes a village - Aunty babywearing!

What do you do when your kids have an amazing Aunty who loves to snuggle them in a baby carrier? Get her to write a blog post!!

Introducing: Aunty Amy :-)

My family is my everything. I live for the love of my family, particularly that of my nephews and nieces. Being close to them is all I could ever want. I have found, as an Aunty, that babywearing helps me do just that.

When visiting these little dudes, I am more than happy to play, play, and play, but after a while, there may come a time where they (and me... and Mum...) need to tap out. That's when it is time to set up some serious snuggles with the help of a baby carrier. Nothing is more heart melting than when you feel your little guy go all heavy and start snoozing. They are at the perfect height for kissing, too! While snuggling the littlest, I can still play with the eldest and have hands free for duplo, dinosaurs, and much more.

Babywearing has been something like a rite of passage for me as an Aunty. I hope to one day be blessed with children of my own and right now, I am beyond thankful for the closeness that babywearing can bring. I have been lucky enough to use different carriers with different nieces and nephews but each time I have just been thankful for the love it helps us share.

I hope they never think they are too old or too cool to snuggle their Aunty but for now I am just thankful for these special times we have shared.


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