International Babywearing Week Giveaways!

Happy International Babywearing Week guys!

It's so exciting to see how babywearing fits into each family and the difference it can make. Some days, babywearing is a necessity, the only way that we can get anything done. Other times, it's all about those sweet baby snuggles, that soft breath that makes your heart skip a beat and ruins any chance of productivity as you sit and savour their heavy weight on your chest...

Let's keep those good feelings going and give away some baby carriers! TWO in fact!

To celebrate the babywearing community's favourite week of the year, WYB is giving away 2 brand new Easy Feel baby carriers. 

1 carrier will go to a lucky Facebook winner, so make sure you head on over to the FB post and meet the requirements for your chance to win.

1 carrier will go to a lovely WYB customer who makes a purchase of a carrier from us this week! Your odds are SO GOOD guys, trust me! We are a super small local business! I will send the carrier out to you separately on Monday 9th October.

So - that's all there is. Simple babywearing goodness. I hope you have an amazing time this week celebrating how awesome it is to have our babies close and snuggled tight. Please share the WYB love, your word of mouth means the world of difference to our family.

Carly xx

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  • I just saw your car on the highway just south of Taree nsw.. had to jump on and check it out and omg they look amazing.. i am also inlove with essential oils. We no longer need antibiotics because of it. I would absolutely love one of these wraps. We just spent all our savings on IVF so help in getting our lil squishy the things they need would be amazing ??

    Jade Fisher

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