Essential Oils with WYB

You may have seen this new section on the website pop up. Well, I am a die hard Essential Oils fan and I can't help but share them with the world! The ways that they have helped my little family are just too many to count. They're a huge part of our every day life and we are so grateful that we have discovered them. 

They are our medicine cabinet, our tantrum tamers, Mummy's magic potions and keep us healthy. They also get us to sleep and keep us asleep! Mr 4yo recently woke with croup in the night and being able to INSTANTLY calm his breathing and get him straight back to sleep was such a relief and so empowering as a parent. We could also use the oils throughout the day to support his little immune system and he was back to healthy again in no time. I love that!

There is a huge community of essential oil lovers there to help you learn and discover how these can become a part of your family, and I'd love to help you on your journey! Give me a shout if you would like to chat :-)

Carly xx

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