Easy Feel carriers - babywearing made easy!

Easy Feel carriers are some of the most affordable babywearing options on the market. They are available for an amazing price, and are an excellent way to discover how awesome babywearing is without spending too much money. Standard carriers are $99 and Toddler carriers are $120 and I don’t think you can get a brand new, comfortable carrier for much better than that!

I really love our Easy Feel carrier. It has nice firm padding in the arm straps and waistband, which works SO well for my big chubby baby. He’s weightless in the Easy Feel, honestly. And he is a nearly 15kg 13 month old, so trust me, I know all about needing comfort when carrying him!!

The soft handwoven cotton is gorgeous and light. It’s breathable for our warm Australian temps, but also has a snuggly feel which I love against our skin.

My hubby and I are very different shapes and the carrier goes between us beautifully – it’s super adjustable and actually really easy to get that perfect fit.

I highly recommend the Easy Feel carriers if you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable baby carrier. Give it a try!

Ps, they've also been reviewed by Chelsea at Keep Calm and Carry Them - you can check out her thoughts here.



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