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Your baby has been crying for what seems like all day stopping only to vomit or scream, you’ve tried the usual tricks but nothing is working, not even your jedi bouncy-shush move, and the look your wife gives you leaves no doubt that if you even suggest she try feeding for the 371st time she will run screaming down the street, murder you, or both. 

Truth be told, you do want to help in that moment of desperation.  As feeding seems to be the ultimate comfort you are all too well aware that it always seems to fall to Mum to calm the screaming one.  Enter babywearing. (Just quietly, my particular weapons of choice are the Tula Standard for the small one and the Lillebaby CarryOn for the big one.) 

I suspect a big part of our baby’s love of feeding is also the closeness, warmth and comfort they get.  Babywearing ticks this box and many times this has been the trump card I’ve needed to help get our babies to sleep, no midnight drives around the neighbourhood required.  Besides feeling like a boss, the snuggles are pretty great too and you chalk up some major Dad points. 

Babywearing saves lives people. 

- Babywearing Dad

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