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We are fortunate enough to live right next to a large forest and national park. It is perfect for mountain biking and dog walking, but most importantly, it is great for adventures with my son. As a 3 year old however, there are only so many steps his little legs can take. So quite often, we use a soft structured carrier and hike together; his hands on my shoulders, his little voice in my ear as he sees things and has to point them out, and his excited legs swinging away.

By using a baby carrier we are able to cover more distance, and walk on tracks that are more difficult than he would be able to do himself. We have made it to dramatic lookouts, climbed up rock faces (and subsequently frightened his mother!), rock-hopped across streams, and climbed to the top of a couple mountains. I remember going on adventures with my Dad, and love creating these memories with my son. We have a couple carriers that we use, depending on the day (and also which one happens to be stashed in the boot of the car!) – my person favourites though are the Lillebaby CarryOn, and more recently the Soul Full Buckle Toddler

We love the breathable mesh of the CarryOn – it makes a huge difference for us temperature-wise. My son is a little sweaty guy and feeling the breeze coming through helps to cool us off, and it dries really quickly. It has great leg padding and the lumbar support is a nice extra touch of comfort. The hood is large which is great for times when he nods off and needs some extra support, and is made from the same mesh too.

The Soul Full Buckle is the sort-of new kid on the block, and already a firm favourite. The leg and arm strap padding is excellent, it’s incredibly comfy for both me and my son, and the detachable bag which clips onto the back panel is genius – generous enough for us to stash the essentials and not need to carry anything else.

The Tula Toddler does see some adventure with us too, usually a quick walk on the beach or lap around the park with the dog – it’s our workhorse and never lets us down; ours is certainly well worn and a bit rough around the edges, which just proves how many journeys it has been on with us.

Babywearing has enabled me to discover new places with my toddler, which we would not have been able to otherwise. It has given me the opportunity to expose him to nature and learn things about the environment, all while keeping him close and bonding with him. We love our times out in the wilderness together, and I’m thankful to babywearing for helping to make that possible for us.

- Babywearing Dad

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