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Part One in our series of conversations with Wear Your Baby’s favourite brands from around the world!

Wear Your Baby is so excited to be a proud stockist of Soul products. This is a fantastic company creating some excellent babywearing options. I was lucky enough to grab some of the owner of Soul Chinmayie’s time, and asked her a few questions. Read on to learn a bit more about this amazing babywearing brand…

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I'm Chinmayie. I live with my husband and two children in Bangalore, India. Together we are a homeschooling, breastfeeding, attachment-parenting, co-sleeping, and of course, babywearing family. I used to be crazy about cloth diapers too but now my toddler is finally toilet trained!

2. What do you love about babywearing?

I love the closeness. I love being able to take my children with me wherever I go, without being restricted by how much they can walk, or whether a place is stroller-friendly, or how strong my hands are! From my own firsthand experience I believe that babywearing can make the world happier; that it creates independent, healthy, secure, loving and sensitive people, who then go on to spread these virtues to the next generation.

Babywearing to me, to us, to Soul Team, is a way of life, a philosophy rather than just the practice of carrying or wearing a child.

3. How did Soul get started?

My daughter Alaru was a high needs baby who wanted to be carried constantly so I bought a baby carrier by a well-known international brand. However, these thick, padded carriers just didn't feel right in our climate. When I found out I was expecting another baby, I had to figure out a way to care for my second baby and be on my feet at the same time. I researched all the different kinds of baby carriers in greater depth this time, and decided a ring sling was the ideal choice considering my lifestyle and the Indian climate. The first time I wore my son in my ring sling was when he was barely a few days old. I fell in love with my baby sling instantly. That’s when I decided to start Soul. Speaking from personal experience, safe and affordable babywearing can change lives.

4. What is your favourite Soul design so far?

All our Soul linens are very close to my heart but among our cottons I love our Prism range and Ikats.

5. What makes Soul special/different/awesome?

We are India’s biggest babywearing brand today, with distributors around the world. Every Soul carrier is proudly handmade in India (from designing, weaving, sewing to finishing), from pure natural fibres (cotton, linen), coloured using baby-safe dyes. Our carriers are safety-tested by strict international standards.

At Soul we are passionate about making babywearing affordable for all. At the same time we want to run a business that is ethical, socially responsible, environmentally conscious and supportive of the local community. We have managed to consistently stock ranges for all pockets, which we are very happy about.

And here is something you didn't know about Soul Team -- apart from my husband and brother, who both wear many hats at Soul, all the other members of our team are women! Most of them are working mothers, many returning to the workforce after maternity breaks, some are even the sole wage-earners in their families. As Soul grows we are working towards helping them attain true self-sufficiency through initiatives that promote health insurance, personal savings, help with their children’s education etc. We value every member of our team and believe that employees produce their best work in a safe, happy and comfortable work environment.

6. What makes Soul carriers perfect for Australian families?

Soul carriers are perfect for a wide variety of climates. Smooth linens and cool cottons ensure comfort in scorching summers, while our sleekly designed outlines ensure winter layering is easy-peasy. All this plus our carriers are easy to launder and maintain and very affordable. What's not to love?


Back to WYB: Isn't Chinmayie great?! I'm so proud to be partnered with a company that is so passionate about what they do. I think Soul's products are the perfect solution for a wide variety of Australian families, and look forward to introducing the Soul love to babywearers!

An extensive range of Wear Your Baby's favourite Soul Totes, Standard and Toddler Full Buckles, and Soul Tais can be found here.

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